Written by 

Hallmark Channel Creative Director

Senior Writer/Producer 

Marty Byk 

Illustrated by 


JoAnn DiMaggio

“The Bug Barians ” is an adventure 

of Viking proportions!

This  Full Color, Soft Cover 

Children’s Book 

has become 

A World-Wide Phenomenon!

It’s an engaging and exciting tale        

about friendship, fantasy and frantic fun 

that you and your kids will love. 

Recommended for Kids and Bugs Ages 4 to 7.


Comes in 

 Soft Cover  eBook

Apple Book


Marty Byk is a long time Television Writer/Producer who has worked for a wide range of channels including USA Network, Discovery Kids, 

Sy Fy, E! and others.   

He is currently a 

Creative Director 


Senior Writer/Producer

 at Hallmark Channel.

Illustrator JoAnn DiMaggio is

 an artist, graphic  designer and writer.  Originally from NYC. This  is the first of  

The Bug Barians  Books

to  feature her unique 

graphic art work.  

JoAnn currently works in 

Original Television Programming and Development. 


Writer’s Guild


Keep a good lookout. Clonk the Clonkerer and all of his tiny Bug Barian friends are loose in 

your neighborhood.You’re about to be conquered in the best possible way – 

with Viking fun. Better yet,  

it’s Bug Barians fun.

Sail away with our crazy crew of diminutive heroes as they seek adventure  in their             Leaf Boat: the Leaf Erikson. 

And just who is aboard?

It’s The Mighty Huntoon, Clonk The Clonkerer, Eddik The Dread, Monte, Flo, Valleri 

and her pet Thor. And they’ve come 

to conquer you with adventure!

Today’s destination?

Anywhere the wind takes them. 

And where is it taking them today?   

They’ll know when they get there.  And by Odin’s Lingonberries …get there they will. 

Will The Bugs complete their mission? 

Will they come back in one piece? 

There’s only one way to know. 

Get the book and join in the adventure!

“The Bug Barians " is published by  Bug Barians Ltd., LLC.  


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